*ssTricks Swimwear


Founded in 2015, *ssTricks is a full throttle, indulgent clothing brand that fuses athleisure, club wear, and fetish gear into what can best be described as the outcome if a Unicorn and Satan were to have a child together after a raging night of dress up and rolling around in smoke and glitter.

Starting with only a small suitcase on the boardwalks of Fire Island, *ssTricks is still designed, and often produced in NYC. As a brand, we are committed to serving our customers and community via online, events, and through organizations such as SAGE, National LGBTQ Task Force, and the Sister of Perpetual Indulgence.

Since day one, all of our designs are made with much consideration in order to suit a wide audience within our means. *ssTricks has it’s own unique way of styling each item with personality without ever lacking in quality or versatility.

At *ssTricks, we incorporate dazzle, fun, and sexuality that makes fantasy into reality. Our mission is simple: To Get You Laid! Our colors may be brighter, our designs may be different, but that is what makes us stand out amongst similar brands. We choose not to fit the mold. Rather, we embrace individuality, creating unique clothing, gear, and accessories that allows anyone to feel confident in their skin. With functionality and comfort always in mind, *ssTricks is great whether you are dancing in a crowd, having fun in the bedroom, or just taking a light jog down the street.